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008 / Sprouting Cities, Net Zero Carbon and some perspective

By Khaled Abou Alfa • Published July 2019

Cities from Scratch

Issue 008 Cities

The Guardian is running a series of articles centred around cities that seemingly sprout from the ground. The series of year-stamped time lapses for various cities growing around the world is particularly striking. Anyone interested in the built environment and the impact that we humans have on our Earth should certainly take note.

Net Zero Carbon Commitments

Issue 008 Fosters Office

Earlier this month Fosters & Partners became the first architectural practice to sign up to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. This commits them to using only carbon neutral buildings by the practice by 2030. This is significant, as the global target for existing buildings is to achieve this by 2050. Meanwhile, the Airports Council International Europe has committed the industry, over 500 airports, to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

While these commitments are encouraging, as they show that we are heading in the right direction, they having certainly given themselves plenty of time to implement this new reality. Spoiler alert, net zero buildings are the subject of the next issue of In Abeyance.

Procreate Perspective

Issue 008 Procreate

While drawing apps seem to be ubiquitous they certainly don’t come as polished as Procreate. One of the main reasons for buying an iPad Pro this year was to enable me to use this app. For architects and engineers the killer feature is the availability of Perspective drawing guides and drawing assist. The best way to showcase these features is a demo - this tutorial from the Procreate team does an equally great job.