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The Pledge

An old proverb, a pledged word has the same value as a debt’. I promise the following:

  1. Respect your time
  2. Inform your curiosity

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Respect your Time

The number of avenues that are gosling to capture our attention seems to grow every single day. There is only so much media, books, video that one can consume. If you add anything to that stream, it must be worthwhile. This newsletter will never be the final authority on any topic. Rather it will act as a springboard and focus on an interesting aspect of a subject. We hope that with this approach, you can gauge your level of interest and whether the subject deserves more of your attention. 

Inform your Curiosity

Once you enter the work place, your attention is more focused on your chosen discipline. And yet you remain curious. Curious about the world around you and how it continues to evolve. Curious about the reasons why things have or haven’t changed. Curious about how things can become better. Curious about how you can do things better yourself. Investigating and analysing the industry itself will allow us to inform that curiosity. Emerging technologies. New (and old) construction techniques. Modes of transportation. Working methods. Ideals and ethics. Cities, buildings, rooms, furniture and objects. The vibrant field of sustainability.

I hope you join me on the journey.

The Stet newsletter explores the ideas, projects and technologies that define our built environment.